April 30, 2010

Elastic in the Waist?

Lilly-B-Haven is putting in the missing elastic in my skirt. When I picked up my dress and took it to the camper the waist was way big and we searched it until Copasetic just said. I don't believe there is any elastic in that skirt. Lilly did good and put some in later. But after we had a big laugh about it.

April 28, 2010

Frontier Plainsman

Frontier Plainsman was sitting there waiting for his turn to shoot. We were trying to scare the rain away with our dusters.  He has been shooting for 4 years. He is from around the Sparta area.

Posse 7, Midwest Classic

Here is most of the posse. This is a fundraiser for Quails Unlimited and so there is really no posse pictures. I just got some of the guys to pose for me to take this one.
Maddog McCoy, Tap Root, Riphawk, Lead Poison Lar, Wagon Master Ward, Bailey Creek, Flatland Drifter, Crazy Coyote Malone, Copasetic Kid, Curley Moe Lawrence and Durdy Dawg.

Lalo the Buffalo man

This last weekend we were in Sparta, Illinois at the Midwest Classic and one of the vendors had buffalo coats. This one is a mite bit small for Copasetic but I have the vendors information if someone might be wanting such a thing.  

April 27, 2010

Ashton and Sir William Paulet

This is my niece Ashton and Sir William Paulet from the Ren Faire at Muskogee.  His real name is Lyle Miller and he is from Kansas City. He has been working the Castleton Faire for as long as I have been going and that has been about 10 years. He has gone on to other things now, but was glad to see him last year. Ashton has since gotton married and her betrothed has yet to find his shoes!

The Girl with the Baskets

Met this lady at the Rennaisance Faire in Texas. I have always liked a well made basket. And I like hats too:-)

April 21, 2010

The Cowboy shooters

April 19, 2010

Fort Smith dedication of the new fountain.

Here I am helping to celebrate downtown Fort Smith.  Cathy and I had our lunch outside at the park and listened to Mayor Ray Baker. 

Velvet Glove in her Bicycle outfit

The Nubian

Here we are in Texas.

April 16, 2010

Montana Dan Shooting at Texas Regional 2006

April 14, 2010

Porcupine Love...

This lady had her porcupine pet with her at Norman, OK  rennaisance faire last year.

Robbie, Lalian and Ben at Muskogee Ren Faire 2009

Me, Lalian and Ben on Pirate Weekend. Ben and Vicki Rico are from California and came to see what the faire was all about.  I am looking forward to them dressing up and going with us sometime this year.

April 13, 2010

Norman Ren Faire 2010

This guys tent blew away and eventhough his mom had a smile on her face and was just happy to be there, this guy just could not see the bright side of things!

Ashton the Nurse

My niece, Ashton Moore.  She is now a nurse at Sparks. We are very proud of her. 

Del Castillo Drummer and Me

Great Music at Second Street Live. Del Castillo is from out of the Texas area and have received numerous awards:Austin Music Album of the Year and Band of the Year. Film directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino both have used their music for sound tracks and they have toured nationally with Styx, LosLonely boys, Don Henley and Willie Nelson to name a few.

Del Castillo band members with Cathy SSL Concert Series

Texas Regional in 2004

Donnie Williams aka Boggy Creek Will, Ken Barker aka Christmas Kid, Vicki aka Tulsa Tumbleweed, Danny aka Montana Dan, Lalian Morton aka Copasetic Kid, Robbie Morton aka Gaslight Gal and Just Charlie

Copasetic Kid at Mountain Valley Vigilanties

April 12, 2010

Is this a Dragon?

This is an interesting pet from the Faire!

Norman Ren Faire 2010

Here is me and Cathy at Norman in March.

Norman Ren Faire 2009

Sir William Paule the "hand-kisser". The girls and I have missed him since he hasn't been in Muskogee at the Castle in a while. This was last years picture, he wasn't there this year. Lalian did learn how to kiss hands from him and the Queen in years past, thank goodness.

Sedona Sept 2009

This is us in Sedona, AZ. From the left: Eli Pumpkin, me, Jack Welch, and Lalian, my husband.