May 31, 2010

Damsel In This Dress

Case,Michelle,Robbie,Cody,CB and Cathy. See our bodices!!!!

The King and His Subjects

Case,Cody,Robbie,King Henry,Cathy and CB

Ashton and the Camel

Jimmy the Camel and Ashton!

Muskogee Castle, The Handkisser!!

Kris kissing Ashtons Hand.

Muskogee Castle

Kris, Ashton, Lalian , Robbie and Jimmy the Camel

Fort Smith Citizens Police Academy Graduate

Chief Lindsay and Me

May 25, 2010

Ladies out to Lunch

Robbie, Tammy and Cathy at the Frisco Diner previously the Nickel and Dime Diner. You gotta try the hot dogs here. 

Copasetic Kids Retirement Cake

Joes First Shoot

Joe is hitting spot on!!!

Carols First Shoot

Copasetic showing Carol how to hold the gun.

May 16, 2010

Baskets anyone?

Belly dancer troup Desert Wind.

A simple case of " Who drunk my beer"?

Still Trying to find out the Answer to the Riddle

Sir Nunizio and Lady Elaina

Good work on the chessboard!!!

Milking Lessons

The Milkmaid showing Kris how to Milk?

Can you answer me this riddle?

It is or it isn't.
It is on land or on the sea.
It can be one or it can be two.
What am I?

Robbie Dobbie and Robbie Dobbie

Robbie Dobbie didn't make it home with me tonight. He jumped out of my bodice.While dancing

May 15, 2010

I only had two beers!!!

Sorry Lady Carol, but I like to have wet my pants
laughing at this. We know you were just holding Joes beer for him.

Cathy in her new bodice from Damsel in the Dress

Lady Cathy is looking nice in her new bodice.

Dee's new Pirate Hat

Fab hat Dee;-)

Friends of the Faire

Lady Dee, Sir Michael the multiflasker, Lady Bodrica and Sir Viking Ken new friends this year at the fair. Bodrica belly dances on Saturdays here and I certainly tried tried to do my share of dancing too.
Michael, that chocolate stuff in that flask was Good! And Ken, you bring a new meaning to Apple Pie!!!! 

Lady Amber from the land of Iowa.

This is Lady Amber and she has been coming to Castleton for three years. I knew that we enjoyed the fair all these years and so do people that come from afar.

I welcome thee to Castleton Lady Amber and hope you found enterence to the Kings Feast. 

Wench hand Kissing!!

Sir Kris, do remember to kiss thy Lady Ashtons hand twice daily, in the morning and at night. He did get his practice in. I see they have their hands ready.

Lessons from the Queen on How to Kiss a Lady's hand.

Ren Faire at the Castle of Muskogee 2010

Lady Carol, Lady Robbie, Lady Susan, Lady Christina, Lady Cathy and Sir Kris and Capt'n Jess Stabem enjoying some fun without the rain.  Check out Lady Carol and Lady Cathy's new bodices. 

May 12, 2010

Raul Malo with Cathy and me at Second Street Live

Last show of the season for Second Street Live. We are looking forward to the next season already!

May 6, 2010

Cathy, Terrance Simeon and Robbie

Ruthie Foster with my friend Cathy

May 2, 2010


Here is Lady Carol with eye on the target.

Hatchet Throwing

We honed our skills in Knife throwing, Hatchet throwing and Archery. 

Anyone for a Tailgate party?

Friends of the Faire

Lady Carol, Lady Cathy, Lady Dee and her husband. If you are ever in Chouteau, go to the Chouteau Mall to Cherry's they have all you need in Belly Dancing atire.

King Henry and Lady Cathy

The King in pirate stance and Lady Cathy.    

Anyone for Steampunk?

Adam is the "go to" guy for your steampunk needs. He is at Silver Leaf  Designs. Also,  I think Copasetic will look good with these goggles?

Muskogee Castle

Here we are first weekend at the Castle on the Boardwalk. Lady Carol, me and Lady Cathy.