June 30, 2010

Gabby Hays and His Wife

I will end the look that I like best and that is the 1920's cowgirl. The big hat the Jodpurs and the big scarf are all items that would have been worn from 1920 to the 1940's. This lady told me whre to get my jodpurs and I did get them and will wear them at the Regional in Texas. She had these she is wearing made for herself. Tomorrow Pictures to be on the plants and animals of EOT.  

Another Military Look

Here is Savage Pat again in his version of Military of the times.

Military Look

This is a vendor that has the military booth at EOT. He always dresses the part and looks good.

Another Look from the End Of Trail

Here is a more military look for those who would like to dress in a different style.

Doc Jester...Jeremy

Here Doc has on the same thing we got for Lalian only instead of Red it is in Black and Silver.

Savage Pat

This is Doc Jesters brother. Some call these get ups, costumes, but when you have these clothes made they no longer are costumes but well made suits that they actually had of the day.

Good Wishes to Each Other

It is always nice to be able to shake and may the better man win.

John Wayne Sound and John Wayne Look

Lefty Lem sounds like Wayne and Brisco Kid looks like Wayne.

June 29, 2010

Magnificient Six PLUS ONE

Was this not fun?

Magnificient Seven Plus One

Who is that man sneeking into the picture?

Johnny Jingo and Copasetic Kid

It is always nice to meet nice people.

General US Grant, At Your Service Mam

Nice to have shot with you and hope to see you down the road. Congratulations on the clean match. 

Shade In The Eyes Don't Keep A Cowboy Down

Lulu Sure Shot you just keep it up on the shooting and you will be known to all. Nice meeting you fine folks and hope you get better Johnny. 

Yo Montana and Reloader Fred

We had some great posse marshalling and great score keeping! Hope to see you guys down the road. 

"I'm Not Superstitious or Anything"

Lefty Lem are you sure your not superstitious?

Wyoming Gun Gets A Kiss Of Congratulations For A Clean Match

Good Shooting Pardner!!!

June 28, 2010

Riphawk, Gaslight Gal and Copasetic Kid

Tomorrow meet the posse we shot with from Oregon, California and Wyoming. They were a great bunch to shoot with.

Jersey Kid Brother my Lasso Teacher from 4 years ago at EOT

Does it look like I have gotton taller? Jersey Kid Brother showed me how to twirl a rope at End of Trail 4 years ago. It is always nice to see people that we shot with in the past. Hope to do so again in the future.   

Doc Jester...Jeremy

This is the other Jacket we got for Lalian (Copasetic Kid)! Are you watching, Lillie?

Does this speak Steampunk to you?

This is one of the Jackets and vest that Lalian got and I got his another one too.  See next pic.

EOT 2010 Gun Winners

Naildriver with Riphawk and Gaslight Gal. Got registered and first thing Riphawk won a Lightening 3rd generation rifle and I won a Stoeger Shotgun. Whopeee!!!

June 18, 2010


Riphawk, Naildriver, Gaslight Gal and Ozark Outlaw.

Me and Juni

Love her music<3 

Copasetic Kid and Naildriver

The Copasetic Kid and Naildriver meet again!~ 

End of Trail 2009

Here is Ozark Outlaw in all his brightness.  

June 16, 2010

Never any comments?

I thought I would add a little something on my blog to get some kind of feedback. I know people look at the pictures, but I was wondering what they think. If you could, just check a box under the pictures and let me know if you find them interesting, cool or funny, please be inclined to do so. Thanks, Robbie

June 14, 2010

Kisses from a White Rose (Copasetic Kid and White Rose)

Now tonight was going to just be for the guys, but somewhere in the mix we missed getting Spring Creek Bobs picture so I'm going to let his wife, White Rose be on this one. True Grit was our first major shoot when we first started shooting and Rose and Bob have been so nice from the start we just had to belong to this club. We live a couple hours away and sometimes we don't get to go, but nonetheless, this club has always been supporting in all we do. I thank them for that and I thank them all for the kindness they have shown us all these years. Now that said, anyone wanting to get involved in this sport better know what they are getting into. This is a family of friends that runs miles and even around the world. It starts with shooting and ends in love. 

Cold Beer Anyone? Christmas Kid and Copasetic Kid

After the fun is had and the awards are being handed out, time to celebrate. Tonight was the night for the guys to be bragged on and I would like to do some bragging for Christmas Kid. I met him at this shoot about 9 or 10 years ago and he was pullin a coffin as a gun cart. Now times do change and people change their gear some, but since we met we have enjoyed the company of him and Christmas Eve, his wife on many occasions. I'll have to say, if the urge hits to talk to somebody. Do! I would hate to think I missed the chance of makin aquaintances with such fine people as the Christmases. Here's to you and your fine shoot in Hot Springs, Shootin in the Shade, Mountain Valley Vigilanties.   

Basking in their Glory (Little Doc and Copasetic Kid)

Look at this clean match winner and Spirit award winners. Don't they make a fine pair?

Double Trouble on the Run (Nail Driver and Riley Roy)

Double Trouble on the run, can you come and have some fun? Copasetic has been known hanging off the back end of a cart handing out beers. I believe he is still wanted by True Grit and down in Texas at the Regional.

My dance partner when Copasetic is wanting a rest. Riley Roy

Can't rightly remember just when we met Riley Roy. I had to have been Hot Springs some years ago. He is a nice man and can surely dance a jig!

Big Daddy Jenks

You know when you meet someone for the first time and like them right away. Well, that is this man. He is from somewhere down Louisanna way and I love the way he sounds. There is something about finding someone in a crowd and just deciding you want to sit next to them and just hit it right off to the same kind of thinkin. Then later I find out Copasetic met and shot with him in Texas last year and had already made friends with him. He has an interesting sidekick too. We'll talk about him later. His name is Valdez 

Rowdy Bob

Another of our good friends from down in Hot Springs. I remember when he first started shooting.

JD Redeye

Our good friend JD.

John Graywolf

We used to shoot with him in Fort Smith 10 years ago. Now he is shooting with us at True Grit. 

June 13, 2010

Lady Shooters

sLilly-B-Haven's daughter and Winner!! Sweet Sister Kit!

Hey Blansett Are you Keeping Cool?

Blansett Strip getting ready to shoot. She still has her girlish figure after all these years. Blansett was the first Lady shooter that I had the oppurtunity of seeing shoot. I remember that I wanted to shoot as well as you did. When we got done shooting that day I told Copasetic. I have got to get guns just like you guys had because they did not kick.

Sunny Girl

Hey Sunny Girl I hear Copasetic Kid and Buster wore the same thing yesterday. And I believe you have on the necklace I was going to get for myself at Lilly's tent.  Great minds do think alike. I would remember the time we met in Mississippi. Our table was next to yours at the banquet. I still remember the hat you were wearing. I remember who you were because Billy James was sitting at our table. Fine friends indeed.  

Ozark Red and her Gun Cart

I remember the day we shot with the Ozarks. It was here at True Grit. Ozark Red and Ozark Outlaw. They always put off that Spunky attitute and man could they both shoot and still do. I hope there is no harm in using them as my muse.


My friend Kelly. This is her vendors tent at True Grit last weekend.

Lalians Day of Retirement!!

Lalain and Truman

June 1, 2010

Pirate Weekend at the Castle

Our new friend Amber Jones from Iowa on Pirate Weekend in Muskogee at the Castle.